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  • 2 girls teach sex
    How Long Do Women WANT A Guy To Last In Bed

    Ah, I WISH guys knew the answer to this one! Because knowing the answer… and then being able to last that long… makes it absolutely CERTAIN that you are great in bed! The answer is this: The...

    • Posted October 30, 2013
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  • intense orgasms
    Your Secret Bedroom Weapon for Intense Orgasms

    Intense Orgasms >>>IMPORTANT: This just may be the single FASTEST way to get a woman to see you as a ROCK STAR in the bedroom… so pay close attention! Today I’d like to share a secret with...

    • Posted October 28, 2013
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  • intense orgasms
    Mandatory Foreplay Intense Orgasms (and How to Give One)

    Intense Orgasms In this email you are going to discover exactly how to give your girl a foreplay orgasm. You are also going to discover why this is so important if you want to be able to...

    • Posted October 25, 2013
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  • intense orgasms
    The 3 Ways to Spot a Fake Orgasm

    Intense Orgasms Hey You, This is probably the number one question I get from all the guys who write in: HOW CAN I TELL IF I REALLY GAVE A GIRL AN  INTENSE ORGASMS? Sadly…guys rarely know when they’re sending...

    • Posted October 14, 2013
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  • Intense Orgasms
    Give Your Girl Ultra Intense Orgasms Tonight!

    Intense Orgasms Hey There, Have you ever wondered if maybe your girl was faking her orgasms? Yeah… we do that sometimes. We do it is to so we don’t hurt your feelings but it can backfire. Sometimes it can...

    • Posted October 8, 2013
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  • pandora image
    Rejection Proof Trick Makes Her Putty In Your Hands – Click Play To See For Yourself!

    A small group of privately funded researchers has claimed to find the ‘holy grail’ of getting women turned on — an innocent technique that can be used despite the common frustrations men have with dating: Getting stuck...

    • Posted October 4, 2013
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  • 2 girls teach sex
    How to Use EMOTION to Drive Her Wild

    2 Girls Teach Sex Dear Men, If there was just one thing I could teach you about giving your girl great sex it would be this. You MUST turn her on EMOTIONALLY! Most guys don’t get this...

    • Posted October 1, 2013
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  • Teach Sex Education
    Tip #2: How to Last Longer And Enjoy it Too…

    Teach Sex Education Many guys are so focused on NOT cumming that they do what they think is the right move and think about something else. Maybe they will think about baseball, a TV show, or anything...

    • Posted September 23, 2013
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  • intense orgasms
    TIP #1 How More Foreplay Makes You Last Longer

    Intense Orgasms It’s me Keni, and I’m excited to be sharing my first tip with you on how to last as long as you want in bed. It’s the first of a 3 part series so make...

    • Posted September 16, 2013
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  • intense-orgasms
    Triple The Amount Of Foreplay – Tip 1

    Intense Orgasms   The first tip to tripling your stamina tonight is to TRIPLE the amount of foreplay. I know, this sounds like a lot. But trust me. Women love it, and they will love it even...

    • Posted September 11, 2013
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