Three Amazingly Simple, But Deadly Effective Secrets Show You How To Accelerate Her Attraction Towards You,
How This Enables You To Keep Her, AND How You Will Leave Her Craving More Of You Day In And Day Out!

Female Dating Guru Reveals How To End Your Dateless Nights This Week, And Spills The Beans On What Most Women Don’t
Want You To Know

Regardless Of Your Looks Or Finances, And Even If You’ve Tried Everything Else And Nothing Seems To Work… It is time you take it right from the source… A WOMAN!

Dear Friend,

How would you like to have a guarantee you could have a shot with any woman (and I mean any woman) in the world you could possibly want?

Well, believe it or not, you already do, and I am going to show you how!

Big promise? I know… But if you dedicate yourself over the next week to what I am about to share with you, you can change your dating life forever, and have countless beautiful women knocking at your door.

But here’s the problem…

To REALLY Knowing How To 

I know the same has held true for me many times in my life… I’d meet a guy, we would wildy hit it off… and than months later I would just completely lose interest and I just couldn’t figure out why…

Sure, it can still be fun in the beginning while things are still new… but after awhile, if you don’t know what to do after she is attracted to you, then she will get bored, quickly lose interest… and find a MAN who is one of the few, who understand the three secrets I’m about the share with you. Like you, who will soon master these secrets, these men know exactly how to keep her attracted, connected, and satisfied on a daily basis so that she genuinely admires you as a man.

On the other hand… if you are leader, clear, decisive, thoughtful, attentive, steady and strong in your purpose as a man, with the ability to cherish and protect her, the ability to be light and humorous when called for, and deeply sensually present when called for, with the WISDOM to know the difference… THEN you will keep her for a lifetime, or as long as you want!

But when it comes to success with women, I’ll be totally honest and upfront with you – while many guys TALK a big game…

…few can actually back it up. Let’s just say I have seen it quite a bit.

Ask any girl and she will tell you the same thing!

This can be really frustrating for women. Imagine if you were with a woman who eventually left you feeling bored and unsatisfied– would you continue dating her?

Of course you wouldn’t. You would have your fun, while you looked for something better and more meaningful.

And it works both ways – if she isn’t fiercly attracted to you, she doesn’t have a genuinely powerful connection with you, and you don’t satisfy her in the bedroom, it’s almost certain that she will leave you or cheat on you. Sorry guys! It’s the truth!

Worst case scenario… she will cheat on you until you find out – then leave you for the other man who does all of those things for her. I’ve seen the women I coach do it… a LOT.

Hell, I have even done it and I tell them to leave if a man is not fulfilling her needs in these three areas.

She shouldnt have to settle for less, and neither should you!

But what sucks the most is that we know guys have it tough. Let’s face it – when it comes to beautful women keeping a man, it’s easy for them to figure it out! I mean cmon… are men really that tough to please when they are surrounded by sexiness?

With a woman… unless you know EXACTLY what to do… you can’t just ”figure out” how to attract her and keep her.

And here’s something else I wish guys would realize…

Sure You Could Get Lucky And Score A Hot Babe, But By Learning These Three Core
Principles, You Will Never Have To Worry About Keeping Her… Ever Again!

Before I go into the specifics on how you can begin mastering these core principles, I want to touch on something that, until now, has been far overlooked by many of the dating and pickup gurus we have all come to know and love…

Have you ever been with a woman and worried, even though you know she is attracted to you, she may not STAY attracted to you?

If so, you’re not alone. Do you know the biggest reason why women don’t stay attracted to their man? It’s very simple…

You see, there are a great many a guru out there who have mastered the attraction arts, and there are even a select few who have had the smarts to master the art of connection or rapport… but there is NO one out there who has added the element of Accelerated Attraction to their arsenal. As you can see, this is something I highly reccomend you do sooner rather than later.

Why is Accelerating Attraction with beautful women so important?

Because When You As A Man Create Accelerated Attraction
Inside Her, It Has A Counterintuitive Effect That Most
Men Would Never Think Is Possible

Remember, NONE of the countless other guys that hit on her every single day while drooling over her every word are capable of genuinely creating this type of attraction, that leads to a genuine passionate connection with her… Not to mention, that this is truly THE only way to leave her in awe of your masculine emotional leadership. This is the whole point of being alive by the way, to live vivified, vibrant, excited about your future, empowered by your internal solidity and to In doing so, you embody the kind of manhood that women admire and desire.

This is why I created The Attraction Accelerator Complete System. It is the culmination of years of learning and experimentation. It is a females perspective and teachings of why your empowered manhood, accelerates your attractive sexual embodiment — and ultimately your happiness and hers.

Okay, now no lets dive right into the three secrets of The Attraction Accelerator…

Here Are 3 Secrets From The Attraction Accelerator
About Women You Might Not Know…

sex secret number 1

When You Can Create A Genuine Connection With Her,
She Will Become Greatfully Sexually Addicted To You!

If you are like most men out there, you are heading – actually speeding down the wrong road.  Directly into disaster.  You are trying to impress her.  You’re dancing for her. Being the dancing monkey doing magic tricks at the bar?!?!? What kind of woman are you really going to attract with that? Exactly…

You’re playing games trying to win her over while at the same time, secretly putting on a show to protect your own heart because you don’t want to get rejected or hurt.

But those things are the very recipe for getting hurt – even devastated.  Because your mask will fall and she will see that dancing monkey behind your show.

Instead, what you will soon learn is how to swiftly, directly and powerfully choose to live Life At Your Next Level And Beyond – to lead physically, sexually, emotionally – and be THE Leader in all areas of your life that women rarely find and crave.

I will show you how you can and MUST be the man she brags about to her friends – skilled with the language and body, strong, with both brass balls and a tender heart – a man who is “about something” other than his small ego… which leads her to believe you have a small… because after all, what are you compensating for?

The kind of evolved man who she will stick with, support, and comfort through all the highs and lows of life.

sex secret number 1

Once You Know How To Accelerate Attraction, And As A Result Create A
Tingling Sense Of Connection Deep Inside Her, She Will Never Leave You…

Do you know what women complain about most?  That you are absent.  That you are in your head.  That you are regretting the past or mulling the future.

That you are making plans when you could be enjoying the luscious presence of her.  Why do you do these things?

Partly because your male brain is a calculator, and is always calculating how to maximize gains and minimize pain.  But partly because you’ve been socialized to be DISconnected from your women among other things.

I will show you how to stay connected with her – so that she feels seen, heard, felt, appreciated and yes, even worshipped. How she will do anything for you as a result, and how she will release you to go do what you need to do out there in the world, because only now does she feel secure in your love and attention.

Without this, you are sunk!

sex secret number 1

You Can Walk Up To A Woman, Start A Conversation That Turns On Her Imagination, Turns On Her Hormones, And Well… Just Plain Turns Her On!

Don’t just be good.  Be AWESOME.

If a woman’s sexy, men will walk up and say the stupidest things to her all day.

You absolutely MUST stand out from the dull crowd of guys that approach her constantly on a daily basis. I will show you how to be the carefree, but intriguingly penetrating man who sees her like no other, who knows something about women by the quality of your observations and conversation.

A man who promises excitement in her life, evidenced by your straightforward “no bull shit” and directly honest masculine sexuality.

Gain these skills, and you gain a very, very fun and enjoyable life!

“It Can Be EASY To Meet… Accelerate Attraction With Her, Create The Genuine Passionate Connection She Wants… And Keep, Not Just One Woman… But 2, 3, or Even 4 Women At The Same Time…
If That Is Truly What You Crave…

If you’re serious about becoming the type of guy that can give women unforgettable experiences… the type of passionate, heart-pounding, body-pulsating sexual experiences, with a deep genuine connection that has her BEGGING you for more and more… then I’d like to show you how…As I mentioned before, I can remember what it’s like to be attracted to a guy like you, and then in the blink of an eye I lost interest… vanished, and was on my way to find a MAN who I genuinely admired, who could do all of the things I am going to teach you in just a few moments.

So over the years I have surrounded myself with the best teachers and mentors the dating and sex community has to offer, and I decided to get together with a few of these gurus and put together a very unique complete system so we can show you exactly how to overcome the constant worry of not knowing how to keep her once you got her. I will share with you my discoveries, tips, techniques and action steps that myself, and friends from the dating community have personally helped other men just like you, and deemed 100% effective. So you can learn from our trial and error, and avoid the same mistakes, and accelerate your success with meeting, attracting, and connecting with the sexiest women you CHOOSE to.

I decided to call this program, The Attraction Accelerator Complete System, because what makes this THE complete system is my on-going dedication to your continued success with the launch of my BRAND NEW From Single To Sex University – Weekly Training Program!

Here is a special sneak preview of the From Single To Sex University Members Area

In this unique interactive website, as with all of the other components of the The Attraction Accelerator Complete System, you will learn EXACTLY what it takes to arrouse this accelerated attraction and admirability in women, and how you can take your dating life to heights you never imagined were possible.

You are going to love cruising through the content in the members area, and joining me each week as I look forward to giving you as much interactive coaching as I can.

I am so confident in the effectiveness of the secrets, tips, and techniques I am sharing with you right now, that…

I Am Willing To Bet You $1 Per Day Over The Next Week, That You Will Not Only Love The Results You’ll See From Taking Action On The Programs I Am Giving You Today, But You Will See IMMEDIATE Consistent Improvement In Your Dating Life Over The Next 7 Days!

Before I get too far ahead of myself on all of the features of the members area… we will get back to that in just a second… but first let me tell you about ALL of the components of The Attraction Accelerator Complete System…

The Attraction Accelerator
Training Manual

 In this program, you’ll discover:

How to effortlessly Accelerate Attraction with the high quality women you really want and continually see and crave.
That success with women is not about, genetics or upbringing… it’s not about money or success, but that it is about something far deeper, and it is something I can learn.
How to “Create Lasting Attraction” build a “Deep Genuine Passionate Connection” To Maintain Her Desire For You with the beautiful women of your choosing.
How to release your Attraction Killers, so you can stop shooting yourself in the foot, when you are out and about and see a woman you would like to meet.
Techniques designed to show you how to meet her through her eyes so you can create that deep genuine connection SHE craves.
The importance of a relaxed genuine connection and its contribution to blowing her mind in the sack and giving her continuous extended rolling orgasms.
Why accelerating attraction is so important to creating the type of connection she really wants.
How to develop yourself into a man she will admire, not just for her happiness, but for your own as well.
Why relaxed confidence makes you a naturally attractive man, and how hiding your true self only leads you down a path of canned responses, and nervousness that women can really feel, no matter how good you are at covering it up.
Women want you to be a leader, clear, decisive, thoughtful, attentive, steady, so they can see your ability to cherish and protect them, to be light and humorous when called for, and deeply present when called for… and have the wisdom to know the difference.

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From Single To Sex University
Weekly Training Program

I am practically giving away all of my best programs and resources you have seen here, for just $1 per day!

As you can see, there is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and coaching just waiting at your finger tips here with this weekly training program, and these are just a few of the many benefits that come with your exclusive membership…

Here is a small sneak preview of what the brand new From Single To Sex University has to offer. Once you are one of the lucky few to get their hands on one of these seven day trial memberships, you will find in the university members area:

This In-Depth 12-Week Training Program will share exactly what it is that mystifies, intoxicates, intrigues, and magnetizes women, so you can instantly and powerfully accelerate attraction with the women you genuinely want to meet. Every week, a new training session will be made available to you with in-depth training and discussion featuring a number of my very best tips, tricks, and techniques to instantly improve your dating, relationships, and sex life.

After your 7-day trial membership is over, I will automatically charge you the lowest price that I offer our top customers: only $47 per month, for just

In ONLY three months you will be a graduate of the From Single To Sex University and no doubt have more women, and more dates than you know what to do with!

Even if you cancel your trial membership, you get to keep all of the components of The Attraction Accelerator Complete System. You will only be charged if you decide to stay on the program past the 7-day trial period.

If during the 7-day trial period, or anytime thereafter, you want to cancel your membership, it is no problem at all, and all you have to do is simply visit our support center inside the members area or contact our support team at or by phone at 888-947-1112. No pressure, No questions, No Hassles, cancel anytime.

Having said that, I think you will love both the From Single To Sex University – Weekly Training Program, and The Attraction Accelerator Complete System, so much so that after just one week you will surely agree.

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You Will Also Receive Instant Access To These Three Exclusive Free Bonus Programs…

- Free Bonus Program #1 -
The Top 10 Places To Meet Women

Where do you go to meet women? If you’re having problems meeting a beautiful, quality woman at your normal watering hole, it may be time to venture off and explore brand new possibilities. Single women are EVERYWHERE… you just need to know where to look…

And some of these places may be very surprising to you!

That first hello. Your eyes. Your words. Your chest and breath. Your heart. Your brains. Your authenticity. Your FELT INTENTION. Top to bottom. Inside out. Beginning to end. Body and Mind… All of those great feelings that come with meeting that breath-taking woman could be yours.

You just need to look in the right place.

In this training series, you’ll learn:

    • Unconventional places to meet and attract the kind of woman you’ve always had your eye on.
    • Learn what type of women frequent certain places and what kind of welcome you can expect
    • The times that certain events run is crucial to know so you can make sure to add it to your calendar
    • Worried that you won’t be able to do some activity-based events? No problem, this program will tell you exactly what you need to know so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

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- Free Bonus Program #2 -
The 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes


Most men use text messages DEAD WRONG.

If you want to get her attention over all the other guys vying for her attention you better learn how to make her laugh and take her away from her boring routine.

Here is a true but unfortunate fact:

When a woman gives you her phone number you have a small window of opportunity to turn that number into a meet-up, sex, or a relationship. Every second that goes by… that window begins closing and your chances of ever getting her out begins to quickly disappear.

Women desperately want to believe that when there is “chemistry” they’ll be swept away. This is why when you engage in a boring back and forth conversation with a woman over text…

You’re kissing your chances good by. (Poof gone)

So what should you do instead?

In this training series, you’ll learn:

    • How to attract her consistently and naturally – feeling the pressure? No problem – these techniques will clear up any misconceptions about what she does and doesn’t want to hear.
    • Why it’s never about texting pick-up lines  – it’s about how you say it, and how real you are in the moment.
    • How to lose the pick-up text messages – and create spontaneous and fun messages that will be sure to attract her!
    • How to erase the fear of rejection… FOREVER!

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- Free Bonus Program #3 -
The Two Girls Teach Sex Annual
Top 10 Sex Positions Special Report

Are you tired of the same old boring sex positions? Don’t get me wrong, missionary position is fun, but after a while it can get routine. If your girl falls into the ‘I don’t want to hurt his feelings and tell him’ category, then she probably isn’t going to tell you that she’s bored and wants to try something new. You may be in danger of her not being satisfied and worse, she may turn to someone who CAN.Take the lead on heating things up in the bedroom. Suggest to her that you try a new position and see how she reacts. If she’s more than willing- you know it’s been on her mind.

But what next?

Learn 10 super HOT positions that you’ve probably never tried.

In this training series:

    • Follow along with illustrations and pictures as the 10 positions are laid out for you to see.
    • Learn which positions are more advanced and which ones may be a little easier for you to try.
    • Get ready to turn up the heat and turn her on with these amazing new positions!

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Here’s Everything You’re Going To Get Instant Access To…
The Attraction Accelerator Training Manual
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Free Bonus Program #1:
The Top 10 Places To Meet Women
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Free Bonus Program #2:
The 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes
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Free Bonus Program #3:
The Two Girls Teach Sex Annual Top 10 Sex Positions Special Report
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Your Friend,

- Jessica Johnson

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P.P.P.S. If you’ve already tried out the secrets in this program and your success with women has skyrocketed. I’d LOVE to hear about it! I get letters from guys who are using my tips and techniques all the time… I read each and every one of them and respond to as many as I can! It really makes my day! I am extremely grateful to be able to help you in this area of your life.

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Jessica Johnson is my pen name in order to protect my privacy so that I can share all these top notch secrets with you.

Thank you for understanding!