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From Single To Sex Training Manual

In this exclusive training manual, you’ll discover these 6 Secrets:

check Secret #1 – The Real Truth About How To Become The Confident Man Most Women Crave, So She Will Constantly Have A Burning Desire To Be Intensely Attracted To You From Deep Within Herself.
check Women are insanely attracted to confident men, but not every man is born with the ability to sweep a woman off her feet. There are definite steps to becoming a confident man and discovering this secret will propel you into a world of new attraction that she will not be able to resist.
check Secret #2 – Create A Stronger Sexual Environment And Walk Away With The Girl… Just About Every Single Time When You Implement The ‘One Thought Only’ Technique!
check Negative thoughts can arise at any time when meeting an attractive woman and can be detrimental to the success of scoring with her. When you apply the ‘one thought only’ technique you are training your mind to release the negative thoughts while gaining an immense amount of sexual confidence.
check Secret #3 – Knowledge of 5 Key Attributes That Every Woman Possesses Can Not Only Take Your Accelerated Attraction To The Next Level, But Can Also Create An Amazing Sexual Tension She Cannot Resist.
check As a woman, I know exactly how we think and react to certain situations. There are 5 things you MUST know about every woman. Knowing these things will help you to get inside her head … and her bed!
check Secret #4 – “Dating” Is Extinct And She Will Swoon All Over You Once She Realizes You Understand This One Simple Idea.
check The key with any female is staying in control for as long as you can. Dating creates an unnecessary pressure for you and her. If you take her on a traditional date then she will instantly have expectations of you that you may not be able to fulfill. Learn how to create an uncontrollable desire in her without ever taking her on a date.
check Secret #5 – Ignite A Passionate Fire Inside Her By Learning How To Ride A Woman’s Sexual Wave.
check Have you ever had a woman that was hot and cold with you? When you learn the sexual wave of a woman, you can expect her to be turned on almost instantly… whenever you want. Ride this wave and have her ride you.
check Secret #6 – Get Inside Her… By Actually Getting Inside Her… With This Most Sensual Sexual Practice Of All.
check Tantra is the ultimate knowledge of sex and can take your love life to incredible new heights! If you thought there wasn’t anything more for you to learn, then you are DEAD wrong! Once you master this secret, she will not be able to resist you and will practically BEG you for more!

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The Attraction Accelerator
Training Manual

In this program, you’ll discover:

check How to effortlessly Accelerate Attraction with the high quality women you really want and continually see and crave.
check That success with women is not about, genetics or upbringing… it’s not about money or success, but that it is about something far deeper, and it is something I can learn.
check How to “Create Lasting Attraction” build a “Deep Genuine Passionate Connection” To Maintain Her Desire For You with the beautiful women of your choosing.
check How to release your Attraction Killers, so you can stop shooting yourself in the foot, when you are out and about and see a woman you would like to meet.
check Techniques designed to show you how to meet her through her eyes so you can create that deep genuine connection SHE craves.
check The importance of a relaxed genuine connection and its contribution to blowing her mind in the sack and giving her continuous extended rolling orgasms.
check Why accelerating attraction is so important to creating the type of connection she really wants.
check How to develop yourself into a man she will admire, not just for her happiness, but for your own as well.
check Why relaxed confidence makes you a naturally attractive man, and how hiding your true self only leads you down a path of canned responses, and nervousness that women can really feel, no matter how good you are at covering it up.
check Women want you to be a leader, clear, decisive, thoughtful, attentive, steady, so they can see your ability to cherish and protect them, to be light and humorous when called for, and deeply present when called for… and have the wisdom to know the difference.

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From Single To Sex University
Weekly Training Program

I am practically giving away all of my best programs and resources you have seen here, for just $1 per day!

As you can see, there is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and coaching just waiting at your finger tips here with this weekly training program, and these are just a few of the many benefits that come with your exclusive membership…

Here is a small sneak preview of what the brand new From Single To Sex University has to offer. Once you are one of the lucky few to get their hands on one of these seven day trial memberships, you will find in the university members area:

This In-Depth 12-Week Training Program will share exactly what it is that mystifies, intoxicates, intrigues, and magnetizes women, so you can instantly and powerfully accelerate attraction with the women you genuinely want to meet. Every week, a new training session will be made available to you with in-depth training and discussion featuring a number of my very best tips, tricks, and techniques to instantly improve your dating, relationships, and sex life.

After your 7-day trial membership is over, I will automatically charge you the lowest price that I offer our top customers: only $47 per month, for just

In ONLY three months you will be a graduate of the From Single To Sex University and no doubt have more women, and more dates than you know what to do with!

Even if you cancel your trial membership, you get to keep all of the components of The Attraction Accelerator Complete System. You will only be charged if you decide to stay on the program past the 7-day trial period.

If during the 7-day trial period, or anytime thereafter, you want to cancel your membership, it is no problem at all, and all you have to do is simply visit our support center inside the members area or contact our support team at or by phone at 888-947-1112. No pressure, No questions, No Hassles, cancel anytime.

Having said that, I think you will love both the From Single To Sex University – Weekly Training Program, and The Attraction Accelerator Complete System, so much so that after just one week you will surely agree.

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VIP Access To The Smart Phone App:
The Attraction Accelerator

In this mobile smart phone app, you’ll discover:

  • How you can stay up to date on the go with all of my latest blog posts, tips, and even be able to leave me a comment or question or send me in instant message.
  • Connect with me by sending me emails and pictures about your success stories from using the resources provided. You can also read what others are saying about all the latest and greatest dating material they are studying.
  • App tips will teach you how to once and for all overcome frustrating sexual difficulties and sexual limitations with joy and ease… right at your fingertips
  • How to achieve and reawaken deeper intimacy and a loving connection in an existing relationship, even if it is currently stagnant and boring (never happens, right?)
  • The specific sex techniques that have been perfected over the centuries that will make you a source of fascination and intrigue to almost all women
  • My phone app allows you to instantly raise your sexual skill sets far above 99% of men with just two or three of the sex secrets that you can search for in an instant.

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Dating Dictionary
  • The Dating Dictionary provides you with all of the absolute best dating and sex material out there compiled in one list, making it easy for you to find whatever tip or secret you are looking for!
  • Transform your dating from stale and boring to EROTIC and exciting with one click of a button.
  • It’s hard to get the best information out there because there is WAY too much to choose from and most of the time the advice doesn’t work, but the information you find in the Dating Dictionary has been written by the absolute best sex gurus!
  • Stop spending all of your time searching all over the internet. Learn the best positions, most incredible sex tips and dating advice!
  • Complete with pictures and illustrations!

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Free Bonus Program:
Secrets of Natural Attraction


  • Automatically compels beautiful women to approach you first for a date no matter your looks, age, race or income
  • If you are frustrated with your current relationships with women, and you truly want to spend your time with real, desirable women who all approached you first, then this may be the most important message you will ever read.
  • Put this proven system to work for you today to attract any woman you desire… stop chasing women and start attracting them… finally, they will crave YOU!
  • Even if: you’re desperately single, haven’t had a date in years and just want to find that “One Special Woman”
  • Even if: you’re NOT interested in a long term relationship and just looking to date the women YOU truly desire
  • Even if: you’re already in a committed relationship and simply want to “re-attract” the woman already in your life

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Free Bonus Program:
Small Talk Report
  • If you’re ready to finally discover how to smoothly escalate your conversations and make small talk sexy… creating conversations that flow from beginning to end… create attraction, rapport, and sexual tension... then this will be the most important program you can get!
  • Brand new, one-of-a-kind program on having conversations with women that engage, attract, and escalate
  • This program was not designed to simply educate you on the ins and outs of having conversations with women… and it’s not just going to give you a few great lines and techniques…
  • What this program is going to do is completely IMPLANT the skill of carrying a conversation with a woman into your game, brain, and personality, and make it a PERMANENT part of you.
  • In this ground-breaking program you’ll learn the” subtleties of conversation” “to pinpoint the specific problems that are ruining your chances with women… that make you realize ‘oh I can easily go on from here.’

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Free Bonus Program:
Ejaculation By Command
  • Inside, you’ll unlock all the BEST techniques to last longer in bed and get a MASSIVE edge to totally transform your sex life (and hers too!)
  • Premature ejaculation need not become a lifelong problem- unless you choose to let it become one.
  • By learning and practicing the proper tips, techniques and strategies, you can turn around a lifetime of embarrassment and begin to enjoy incredible sex and finally give your woman the sexual pleasure that she deserves.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself when things don’t go right at first. Developing ejaculatory control may not be the most natural thing to do initially. It does take time, patience and practice. But keep your spirits up and try to see the lighter side of things even when you ‘accidentally spill’ during sex!

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Free Bonus Program:
The Top 10 Places To Meet Women

Where do you go to meet women? If you’re having problems meeting a beautiful, quality woman at your normal watering hole, it may be time to venture off and explore brand new possibilities. Single women are EVERYWHERE… you just need to know where to look…

And some of these places may be very surprising to you!

That first hello. Your eyes. Your words. Your chest and breath. Your heart. Your brains. Your authenticity. Your FELT INTENTION. Top to bottom. Inside out. Beginning to end. Body and Mind… All of those great feelings that come with meeting that breath-taking woman could be yours.

You just need to look in the right place.

In this training series, you’ll learn:

    • Unconventional places to meet and attract the kind of woman you’ve always had your eye on.
    • Learn what type of women frequent certain places and what kind of welcome you can expect
    • The times that certain events run is crucial to know so you can make sure to add it to your calendar
    • Worried that you won’t be able to do some activity-based events? No problem, this program will tell you exactly what you need to know so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

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Free Bonus Program:
The 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes


Most men use text messages DEAD WRONG.

If you want to get her attention over all the other guys vying for her attention you better learn how to make her laugh and take her away from her boring routine.

Here is a true but unfortunate fact:

When a woman gives you her phone number you have a small window of opportunity to turn that number into a meet-up, sex, or a relationship. Every second that goes by… that window begins closing and your chances of ever getting her out begins to quickly disappear.

Women desperately want to believe that when there is “chemistry” they’ll be swept away. This is why when you engage in a boring back and forth conversation with a woman over text…

You’re kissing your chances good by. (Poof gone)

So what should you do instead?

In this training series, you’ll learn:

    • How to attract her consistently and naturally – feeling the pressure? No problem – these techniques will clear up any misconceptions about what she does and doesn’t want to hear.
    • Why it’s never about texting pick-up lines – it’s about how you say it, and how real you are in the moment.
    • How to lose the pick-up text messages – and create spontaneous and fun messages that will be sure to attract her!
    • How to erase the fear of rejection… FOREVER!

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From Single To Sex Training Manual
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The Attraction Accelerator
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The Dating Dictionary
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Free Bonus Program:
Secrets Of Natural Attractions
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Free Bonus Program:
Small Talk Report
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Free Bonus Program:
Ejaculation By Command
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Free Bonus Program:
The Top 10 Places To Meet Women
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Free Bonus Program:
The 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes
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