Mandatory Foreplay Intense Orgasms (and How to Give One)

By on October 25, 2013

intense orgasms

Intense Orgasms

In this email you are going to discover exactly how to give your girl a foreplay orgasm. You are also going to discover why this is so important if you want to be able to give her multiple intense orgasms during penetration (Especially when you are inside of her.)

As you know (unlike 99% of men) women are multi-orgasmic.) They have the ability to have more than one orgasm during a love making session. The majority of men can only have one orgasm during sex and then it is over.


FOR women to have MULTIPLE INTENSE ORGASMS it is very important that they have a foreplay orgasm FIRST.

Numerous studies have shown that many women have difficulty achieving orgasm during penetration. You see, for women that FIRST ORGASM is the hardest. While you may be more concerned with HOW to give a foreplay orgasm is important to understand this very key point:


Once you get past that FIRST ORGASM having your girl achieve an orgasm OR MULTIPLE ORGASMS during penetration is relatively easy.

Foreplay intense orgasms are not NEARLY as intense as a penetration orgasm so don’t think you can get away with some fancy fingering or oral sex techniques and satisfy her completely. That is not the case. Foreplay orgasms, when done right, should be looked at as the best appetizer at an amazing meal. The entree is still most important :)

Now that we have talked about WHY a foreplay orgasm is so important, I present to you….

How to Give a Foreplay Orgasm By Fingering in 7 Steps

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Step 1) Kiss for as LONG AS YOU CAN BEAR (this could be upwards of 15 minutes or so) but it REALLY gets her in the mood

Step 2) Take her clothes off very slowly to build anticipation(yours as well) …You can even tease her by not letting her take off all your clothes or not allow her to touch your cock. The longer you do this the better.

Step 3) Put your hand (right if you are rightly) over her pussy and lightly start stroking it with your palm. she should start moaning a bit if she hasn’t started already

Step 4) With your pointer finger lightly rub her clitoris while you tell her how sexy she is (most women will get self conscious when they are naked so it is very important to continuously tell them how sexy they are)

Step 5) Start rubbing and go in an up and down motion (you can also spread her pussy with your other hand to make sure you hit the clitoris directly) start using a bit more pressure and she will get more turned on. keep going for AT LEAST 5 minutes of this WHILE you are telling her how wet she is.

Step 6) Now she’s totally turned on, squirming, and wanting you to fuck her. Continue fingering her but start kissing her neck or breasts HARD and simply tell her, “come for me baby.”

Your voice should be smooth and measured. In control without being commanding and creepy.

Once you tell her to come for you it is not going to be INSTANT.

Step 7) Keep kissing her breasts and/or side the neck while you are rubbing her clitoris and wait for her to cum.

It is my hope that you use this clitoris rubbing techniques to give your girl a foreplay orgasm. Remember, foreplay orgasms are the KEY to unlocking multiple, g spot, and squirting orgasms during penetration.

When this is done right it will give her a foreplay orgasm every time. And as always, if you want to really get it down, we’ve created a Video where you can watch 2 beautiful bi-sexual females demonstrate everything from this simple foreplay orgasm to highly advanced multiple and squirting orgasms.

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About Jessica Johnson

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Johnson. I’m not a porn star, paid actress, or model. I’m simply a woman who knows exactly what games women play with men because I’ve seen and experienced them all… in fact, I’ve been involved in most of them in one way or another myself.

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