How to Use EMOTION to Drive Her Wild

By on October 1, 2013

2 girls teach sex

2 Girls Teach Sex

Dear Men,

If there was just one thing I could teach you about giving your girl great sex it would be this.

You MUST turn her on EMOTIONALLY!

Most guys don’t get this because for them being turned on is much more visual and more physical.

It’s why guys go to strip clubs and girls read romance novels.

Don’t believe me? Did you know that Danielle Steel (Romance Novel Author) has sold over 550 million books and is the seventh best-selling author of all time?!

In fact, every guy should read one just to see how women fantasize about sex.

So you MUST stimulate her emotionally. Here’s how:

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1) Be Verbal

It’s hard to be emotional when you are silent. And nothing turns us girls off more than being methodically pounded by a quiet robot.

Don’t know what to say? Worried about sounding stupid?

Start by simply describing what you’re doing, then tell her what you’re about to do. You can also watch my friends and I in our adult movies for some great ideas ;)

Tell her what positions to get into. Tell her to talk dirty to you, tell her how much you love her, ANYTHING is better than awkward silence.

And if you feel uncomfortable with that, start with some simple groans of pleasure.

There’s lots more great tips on how to talk during sex in our Video series, “2 Girls Teach Sex

2) Range of Emotions

This is important. When I say emotions I’m not talking about always making the sex about love or romance.

Girls want to feel a range of emotions. Sometimes it is about feeling loved, other times it’s about feeling lusted for. Sometimes they want to feel that they are doing something forbidden.

Give her a range of emotions to keep her excited.

3) Teasing

Teasing is a great way to build up her emotions. Try this next time you are with your girl.

First get her really turned on with some good foreplay.

But instead of predictably leading right into sex, tease her first. Place your cock like you are about to penetrate her but don’t.

Tell her she isn’t ready for it, or tell her she has to beg for it.

Then go back to foreplay.

You can do this a few times until her anticipation builds up. When you finally do penetrate her, her response will be that much more intense.

Remember you can see LOTS more on emotion and the components of the P.A.V.E. system in my hot Video series, “2 Girls Teach Sex ” Check it out, you’ll be glad you did ;)

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- JJ

About Jessica Johnson

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Johnson. I’m not a porn star, paid actress, or model. I’m simply a woman who knows exactly what games women play with men because I’ve seen and experienced them all… in fact, I’ve been involved in most of them in one way or another myself.

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