How Long Do Women WANT A Guy To Last In Bed

By on October 30, 2013

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Ah, I WISH guys knew the answer to this one! Because knowing the answer… and then being able to last that long… makes it absolutely CERTAIN that you are great in bed!

The answer is this:

The amount of time a woman wants you to last in bed is…

The Amount Of Time It Takes To Give Her A Penetration Orgasm!

Now, this amount of time is different for different women.

It used to take me 10-20 minutes of good hard pounding to REALLY get off. Now that I’m a little more experienced in bed – ok, a lot more experienced hehe – I can get off a lot faster. But for most of my female friends who aren’t in the business… and most girls in general… it takes about 15 minutes to give a girl a REAL penetration orgasm.

Sure, she might have clitoral orgasms from oral faster than that… and hey, those are fun too =) but to have one of those ultra-INTENSE orgasms we get from penetration… that takes a little longer.

And boy, is it a fun ride ;)

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But… if the guy we are with can’t control himself long enough to give us that ride… the fun is over as soon as he is.

And then – while most girls will never say anything – we get really frustrated =(

I mean imagine if some girl gave you a bj… and right when you were about to finish she got up and left!

Really frustrating, right?

Well that’s how we women feel every time we are with a guy who blows his load too soon.


Just so you know how important this is, I wanted to share with you a quick story from my personal life… before I got into the biz.

I’ve only shared this story with my girlfriends before, but I feel it’s important I share it with you now… as the lesson in it can improve your sex life.

It started when one of my girlfriends introduced me to a guy named Chad (not his real name, you’ll find out why in a minute.)

Chad and I hit it off from the moment we met. He was a tall surfer boy with a great tan and great eyes… and a sense of humor that had me giggling and giddy for him within minutes of meeting him.

When he asked for my number that night I quickly said, “yes”… and we had so much fun on our first date we decided to hang out again the next day.

2 days turned into 3, 3 days turned into 4. We were CRAZY for each other and wanted to be with each other all the time!

Now, while I’m pretty wild in my films, when it comes to my personal life and I really like someone, I never just jump in the sack with someone right away. But Chad and I connected so well it just felt “right”. I wanted to be with him so bad I just couldn’t control myself!

So that Saturday night I decided that was gonna be the night. He had a romantic evening planned for us and I was going to make it worth his while in the end =)

After a fun date we were all over each other even before we got back to his place! We burst through the door and went straight to the bedroom, clothes flying off even before we hit the bed!

And then, it was time =) I remember being sooo wet hehe. He slipped a condom on and I felt like I was in heaven as he entered me, each stroke feeling even better then the next.

And then, all-of-a-sudden… I felt him start to go soft.

And softer. And softer still.

He pulled out and I looked at his face – he looked scared and was sweating really badly.

“Ummm, so yeah I hate when that happens. I’m sorry you’re just so hot I lost myself in the moment and lost control.”

I wiped the hair out of his face, gave him a kiss and told him it was alright. I’ll admit it, in the moment I felt flattered! I was so hot and he was so into me that he couldn’t control himself! Hey who can blame him right? ;)

I told myself it would be better next time, and we both hit the sheets.

And then, it happened again.

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And again the 3rd time we tried having sex.

This was very odd to me, as no guy I had ever been with before had had this problem. Sure, Chad was great at oral, but the guy I had been with before him had given me AMAZING orgasms during actual sex… and being with Chad just wasn’t the same.

But I liked him so much… I told myself I should wait it out and hope he got better. After all, sex wasn’t EVERYTHING, right?

But then I started finding myself not even wanting to have sex with him. I’d get pissy and start fights about dumb stuff. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was frustrated because I just wasn’t getting off!

Eventually I met someone else, and as soon as I did I broke it off with Chad.

It made me really sad as he WAS a great guy… but don’t let the media fool you – sex is JUST
as important to us girls as it is to you – maybe even MORE important! And if a guy can’t give us those exciting orgasms we crave then our bodies tell us to go find someone who can… no matter how strong the mental connection may be.

OOOOK sorry for the novel. But what we’re talking about here is important, and I wanted to shoot straight with you, because other girls might not:

If you’re not lasting long enough to give your girl penetration orgasms in bed, you are NOT pleasing her in bed! And that’s that!

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About Jessica Johnson

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Johnson. I’m not a porn star, paid actress, or model. I’m simply a woman who knows exactly what games women play with men because I’ve seen and experienced them all… in fact, I’ve been involved in most of them in one way or another myself.

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