An Easy Way to Give Your Girl Multiple Intense Orgasms

By on August 28, 2013

Intense Orgasms

Many guys can give their girl an orgasm during foreplay or even during penetration.

But a guy who can give his girl MULTIPLE orgasms is rare.

This guy is always going to be on his girl’s mind and he will enjoy some nice benefits
that a guy who CAN’T give multiple intense orgasms will never experience :)

They are pretty awesome – let’s talk about a few:

When you can give your girl multiple orgasms you can expect:

- her to want you and start sex with you (often, sometimes even more than the guy wants

- eyes for you and only you

- she’ll want to do crazier stuff with you in bed since she trusts you because you make
her feel good (anal, maybe threesomes, or squirting, fantasy role playing)

- she will rarely make any arguments or have problems over small stuff (late from work, not taking her out, not getting her gifts)

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The reason WHY is that when a woman is totally fulfilled she is less likely to complain about ANYTHING.

When you see a woman always nagging her man it is because he just isn’t getting it DONE in the bedroom……

Getting it done in the bedroom can mean different things to different women but one thing is certain.

All women LOVE multiple intense orgasms from the rare guy that can give it to them!

If you aren’t sure if you are giving your girl multiple orgasms or think you MIGHT be you are really going to want to check out these step-by- step directions.

Here is one simple way to give your girl multiple orgasms during PENETRATION.

There are other ways that I SHOW YOU in the two girls Videos but this is the easiest CONCEPT to actually read about and then have success doing it!

Enjoy and be sure to read after how you can make sure you LAST long enough to deliver these multiples. You can have the fastest car in the world but if you have no gas it’s still worthless :)

How to Give your Girl Penetration Multiple Intense Orgasms

1) Give her a foreplay orgasm through fingering or oral sex to warm her up. (multiple orgasm are usually very difficult unless you make her orgasm first during foreplay)


2) Get her in a position that you know you can make her orgasm in. If you’re not sure or she can come in a few different positions get her in the one in which you can thrust the longest and hardest without cumming or getting tired :)

3) Many times as a girl cums she gets really sensitive and wants the guy to pull out so she can “come down” physically and emotionally from the orgasm. Do NOT DO THIS.

4) Stay inside her after you make her come once…EVEN if she is really sensitive. You may have to just wait inside her while she comes down a little bit but don’t pull out and do NOT cum yourself :) Tell her (use these words if you want..they work!)

“Baby I want you to come for me again!…I’m going to make you cum again.”

5) Now start thrusting inside her. If she says she is too sensitive go slow at first but start thrusting again for sure. Don’t worry the “too sensitive, and too aroused” is only in her head, she can come a lot MORE.

6) Start thrusting harder at the fastest pace that you can maintain without coming or getting tired. Talk to her by saying,

“Baby I want you to come again for me” “It so sexy when you come, come again” or simply “Come again baby”

Note: The real key here is to NOT change positions and NOT change speed. Just keep doing what drove her over the edge the first time.

A lot of times the girl will think that she can’t come again.

She may think she can only come once or that it is too intense if she were to come over and over again. (When in fact that continuous orgasm where she loses count of how many she has and comes over and over is VERY possible) When you tell her to come, speak to her in a way that relaxes her. Here’s how: make sure your voice is relaxed and slow. Don’t say anything as a command until she has done it a few times on separate sessions. Then you can step it up and make her come just from you TELLING her :)

Be very gentle and speak slowly and softly.

You can use this very simple technique to make her come over and over. There are tons of different TYPES of multiple orgasms you can give your girl but this is by far the easiest to READ about and then DO.

Put this into your arsenal TONIGHT (or right now..hehehe ;) and make her cum!!!!

Important: I gave you the EASIEST way to give your girl multiple intense orgasms 
for a reason. And it’s a reason that most guys do not want to talk about but really NEED to address NOW.

Giving your girl multiple orgasms and EXTREME sexual pleasure requires STAMINA. A LOT of stamina.

If you are not lasting, you are not going to be able give your girl multiple orgasms let alone ONE orgasm….I don’t need to tell you what a big problem this is! Relationship ender right there! :(

Stamina’s a funny thing though….it seems like such a big problem but when you know the RIGHT way to fix it you can last 30-45 minutes pretty much instantly.

What is the RIGHT way to fix it?

Well one way to fix it is to hook up with a few hundred girls that you consider super hot so that you get used to it and the sensation becomes normal. (not possible hahaha)

But even if you are REALLY good at getting women it’s IMPOSSIBLE to hook up with that many girls and you may already have the one girl you LOVE (or have her in mind).

Well, I went out and replicated you having sex with hundreds of hot girls. (well as close as I could ;)

There is a new interactive stamina trainer (with the hottest female porn star of 2009) that automatically RESETS your body. If you can “play along” (if you get me) with this training program you can start lasting 30-45 minutes every time.

This is a very unique program. Nothing like it has ever been made.

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I know you’ll really love this, the interactive stamina trainer is the next best thing to you actually being inside of me and practicing LIVE. hehehe xoxo

There is a short survey that I still need a little input on. If you can help me out I promise to make it worth your while with really special rate for Keni’s complete Superman Stamina Trainer Videos with all the bonus.

It also features Keni Styles, an Asian Male porn star who is FAMOUS for the simple fact that he OVERCAME premature ejaculation (and a small cock) to become one of the biggest male porn stars in the world.

If you want to give your girl multiple intense orgasms you NEED to check out the information Tori and Keni have for you.

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About Jessica Johnson

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Johnson. I’m not a porn star, paid actress, or model. I’m simply a woman who knows exactly what games women play with men because I’ve seen and experienced them all… in fact, I’ve been involved in most of them in one way or another myself.

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