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By on September 2, 2013

Sex Secrets

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As a professional porn-star I’m very comfortable having sex in front of other people.

But it used to be a fantasy of mine.

The fact that it felt forbidden and a little dangerous really turned me on.

Before I got into porn I had a boyfriend who was GREAT in bed and I want to share with you how he used to drive me absolutely WILD by playing with this fantasy.

It is definitely something you should try with your girl.

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1) Start slowly

First things first, anytime you are introducing a new fantasy you want to start out slowly.

If your girl is more reserved, you can’t just take her out and screw her in public one day – she will be way too uncomfortable to enjoy herself.

You want the fantasy to push her comfort zone just a little bit – but not so much that it ruins her mood.

That might mean something as simple as leaving the window shade open a bit, and telling her people can probably see in. On the other hand, if you are already having a wild sex life, even if you haven’t played with an exhibition fantasy, something this small isn’t going to affect her.

If she enjoys it, next time push her comfort level a little more.

2) Be vocal

Here’s an example, say your girl is adventurous to the point where she wants you to have sex with her on a private beach. There’s no one around – and not likely to be – but the excitement of maybe getting caught turns her on.

This is great and she will love it.

But you can make it even more exciting by playing into the fantasy. While you’re f**king her, say things like:

“We’re so going to get caught”

“I bet someone is watching you right now…”


“You like being watched while I f**k you, don’t you”

This will really add to the fantasy.

3) Be spontaneous

Whatever you do, don’t plan it. Don’t say, “hey babe, let’s do an exhibition fantasy tonight.”

Since you guys with the shy girls are going to have the most trouble starting, here’s how to do it.

Leave your window shade open a little.

Start fooling around as you normally do.

Once she’s turned on, say, “look the window’s open a little, I bet the neighbors can see us.”

Unless she jumps up and runs over to close it, chances are this turns her on so keep going with it.

Everything you say should encourage her to play along and jump into the fantasy.

Say, “They’re probably watching right now… I bet that turns you on…”

Keep building the fantasy… “show them how much you like riding my c**k like that.”

“I want you to scream so they can hear you too.”

Oh, and after sex, don’t say anything like, “what did you think about the exhibition fantasy?”

Fantasies live in the heat of the moment… don’t talk about them over dinner…

4) Mix it up

Part of the reason fantasies are such a turn on is because they create a very different experience. If she is really into the exhibition fantasy, you should totally do it again. But don’t turn it into an every day thing.

Give it a try tonight and send me an email telling me about how much your girl loved it!

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About Jessica Johnson

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Johnson. I’m not a porn star, paid actress, or model. I’m simply a woman who knows exactly what games women play with men because I’ve seen and experienced them all… in fact, I’ve been involved in most of them in one way or another myself.

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